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Plastic bags have become a staple in the produce aisle at grocery stores, discount shopping centers, and virtually any place that sells fresh fruits and vegetables, including farmers’ markets. They are cheap – provided free to the end user – and convenient. In addition, at checkout, another plastic bag often provides an easy method to tote all of the neatly separated goods. However, once home, where do these bags end up? Some are used to contain garbage, some are used to pick up dog waste, and some are reused for a myriad of other practical applications.

Without question, there are great uses for plastic. However, the high consumer demand for plastic bags does come at a cost to society when considering the potential significant environmental consequences from greenhouse gas, the release of toxic pollutants, and of course litter, to name only a few. Additionally, in spite of vast efforts to promote recycling, fully accomplishing this goal has not yet been met. Rather, plastic often ends up in the bowels of our landfills, decomposing after perhaps 1,000 years, or maybe even worse, in the bellies of hungry birds and other animals who mistakenly think plastic bags are food, making the ultimate sacrifice due to human carelessness and over consumption.

As a cost-effective alternative to plastic bags, our company offers inexpensive lightweight bags. Made from fine, high-quality cotton, these reusable bags are washable and durable, which can be used again and again. Available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, the bags can easily hold delicate fruits and vegetables, such as tomato or grapes that bruise easily, or can carry up to 10 pounds of market fresh potatoes. Tailor-made for our convenience-starved society, these bags offer the consumer a choice. They help to protect our environment and animal kingdom, preserving our natural resources for generations to come.

Studies have shown that as consumers become more aware of environmentally conscious products, sustainable, organically produced products climb in demand and market share every day!

Make your company a front runner in the "Green Initiative," and increase your bottom line!

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